Weight Loss Surgery is just a tool for weight loss- it isn't what makes weight loss happen. Weight loss happens when people change what and how much they eat. Weight loss success happens in the kitchen

Beware of the Fake Lap-Band Surgeon

There are bariatric surgeons out there that you will not find on lapband.com. Only surgeons on lapband.com have practices that are dedicated to the lapband, with follow up that provides optimum care for the lapband.

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Governor Christie lap band

Governor Christie Gets the Lap-Band

The governor of New Jersey had a Lap-Band installed in February and has already lost 40 pounds- which is a little over 10 pounds a month. The Lap-Band is the least invasive weight loss surgery.

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Scrambled Eggs

When Lap-Band patients tell me they can’t eat eggs, there is a solution – making perfect scrambled eggs. Here is how we make them- with a video from my favorite Chef — Gordon Ramsay

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