Weight Loss Challenge: Week One

Planning a meal isn’t that difficult, because you are going to eat the meal anyway, so it is time to plan it.

Breakfast for me is pretty routine.  I like to have oatmeal during the week—it is easy to get, there are few calories in it and it fills me up. It’s also readily available in the hospital cafeteria and/or from some local places where I can get it to go.  I also have a supply of oatmeal in my office.

Do I just have oatmeal? Nope.  I also put in some brown sugar, adding 50 calories to it.  I’m still looking for the Splenda brown sugar that has zero calories…someone tell me where to get it.  At home I will use raisins.

On Saturday or Sunday I will have eggs for breakfast, two eggs.  I make them one of two ways.  The perfect fried egg – or the perfect egg made in the Sous Vide.  In addition, I have toast and some peanut butter. Saturday and Sunday the first meal of the day also serves as a brunch – so I will plan a snack between brunch and dinner.

The snack always has to be something to look forward to and not something that is just there. So about 3 to 4 pm I will have freshly sliced tomatoes with mozzarella and aged balsamic vinegar with a bit of basil to top it off.  A great snack – and healthy.

Lunch is always an issue because my office orders it – and often they will order a sandwich that I won’t like.  Typically I will have no more than 1/2 of 1/2 of a sandwich and a cup of soup.  I think it is time to start bringing fruit to lunch so I can have an apple.

Dinner is the meal.  When it comes to planning for meals- it is always dinner that I have to think about.  So, here is this week’s line up:

Monday:  Chicken Marsala. This will be accompanied with the usual mushrooms, but in addition will add some asparagus for the vegetable.

Tuesday: Filet – or a Rib eye – depending on what the butcher has that is fresh and in stock.  I will accompany the steak with broccoli.

Wednesday: Chicken Parmesan, one of my all time favorites – and it’s easy to make using Sous Vide.

Thursday:  Is always a late day for me , so I will want something quick and easy. Thursday will be Wok night, beef and broccoli  stir fry. I may even add some more veggies in there. This recipe is quick and easy – it takes almost no time at all to prepare.

Friday: I have to pick a date night – and it will be either Friday or Saturday depending on how the little guy is doing. I like eating early because his bedtime is 7. So if I go to Tarbell’s on Friday night then I will have their spaghetti with meatballs and I will only eat one of them.

Saturday: Halibut  – or any seafood that they have that is fresh.  I like having something that has been caught that day.  So it will be a white fish- could be a bass.  I know that salmon is out of season, so it won’t be that.  Let’s assume halibut is what they have in fresh—I will fix it with the famous fruit on top and accompany with green beans.

Sunday: Ribs – these will be slow smoked about three to four hours on the Green egg – and tender as can be. To accompany I will have some corn on the cob.  It is all finger food so I will enjoy it.

Dessert:  I like to indulge once a week – so I have to make the choice if I do it on the date night or if I do it at another time during the week. I don’t like to indulge in the work week, just my habit.  If I make something and don’t have people over to eat it—I end up eating it, and don’t want the calories.  So either we will have friends over for Saturday or Sunday and I will make dessert, or I will have it on the date night!

So you might wonder…how will I lose weight with this? My basal metabolic rate is around 2000 calories.  So each day I will reduce this so that I will only be consuming 1500 to 1800 calories.  How will I know how much I have consumed?

Two things, first I will portion every thing and second, at the end of the week, I will weigh myself.  If I weigh less than the week before, I will know I’ve been successful.  If I don’t, then it’s time to look back over the past week and see where I strayed.

Dr Terry Simpson About Dr Terry Simpson
Dr. Terry Simpson received his undergraduate and graduate degrees from the University of Chicago where he spent several years in the Kovler Viral Oncology laboratories doing genetic engineering. He found he liked people more than petri dishes, and received his MD. Dr. Simpson, a renowned weight loss surgeon, is a leading advocate of culinary medicine. A frequent contributor to media outlets discussing health related topics and advances in medicine, he is also a proud dad, husband, author, cook, and surgeon “in that order.” For media inquiries, please visit www.terrysimpson.com.